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Help! Diploma help! Every little input is appreciated!

How can you make up for something? How can you say sorry without saying it?


Do something nice for the person, but something that is not too obvious..... and it don`t have to be something big or cost any money :)
Can you think of something specific? Aside from flowers? It's for my campaign. 8D
Chocolate? Invite them over (if they are not living with you) for home-made food, preferably their favorite dish? (Mmmmm, foooooood.)
Surprise them with a little CD of songs that "mean" something?
Well, it's for my campaign, so no, "they" are not living with me. XD

Guess I should have been more specific. It shouldn't be gifts, because my product is the make-up gift, basically. But thank you!

Edited at 2011-01-14 02:07 pm (UTC)
Smile and pay extra attention to them (?) - BUT, not so much coz then it just starts getting creepy :)

I agree with trinelise3 - try asking them if they'd like help with anything (and then help them with it if they do).

And if all else fails, buy them beer!
I was gonna say flowers.. >< hmm. maybe write them a poem or a song. Oder wenn gar nicht gesprochen werden soll, ne schachtel pralinen oder so. oder wenn es eine entschuldigung für einen partner ist und nicht nur in einer freundschaft, könnte man ein romantisches dinner vorbereiten ^^ sonst kann man auch "I'm sorry" irgendwo schön groß hinschreiben, zb mit Teelichtern.. mehr fällt mir grad (morgens um 7) nicht ein..