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NPH – Squee and Jesse

Fandoms collide!

Before I go to bed, here's a fun fandom meme: Try to think of what each of those actors was thinking in this very moment, so I can procrastinate and edit the best into thought bubbles.


C'mon. So many jokes! Look at MM?! And Jason! ("… saaandwich.") … or is it just me? *sleep-deprived*



Right?! Who would have known all the goodness is being made by Fox.
OMG, what event is that?! It's like all of my favourite things on television on one stage!
It was 20th TCA "Funny Men" panel; there was another one with the ladies, such as Jane Lynch and Aly.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr MM/NPH/Ty RPF NEED IT NOW!!!

I ship MM/NPH SO HARD thanks to you.
Thanks to *me*? That's news to me. 8D; (Noooo, can't betray David.)

And adding Ty sounds… interesting.