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Nana - 8 - hot and creamy

I didn't even remember having this icon.

So I actually avoided wasting time online all day, until I decided to take a break two hours ago to do some reading. And silly girl I am, I lost myself in blogs about the latest "Gays in Hollywood" and "Gay Celebrity Parenting" controversy, and now I'm just so upset. Too upset to write a rational entry about it.

Why does this irritate me this much? And why do so many people complain about how gays are being perceived publicly, while at the same time criticizing everything happening in their favor? Sure, not every "gay" person has to approve of something, just because it concerns the "gay community". After all, everyone is their own human being with an individual perception of themselves. But there are issues of such general importance that I don't see the point in deprecating them.

God, I shouldn't be so bothered by this. Or I should, maybe, go to other blogs when reading about those topics. Or read about advertising. Or unicorns pooping marshmallows.

ANYWAY. I'm seeing Ed Alonzo and other magicians tomorrow morning, so I better resume working now. Can't feel guilty when I want to enjoy watching bunnies disappear the next day!