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David Burtka - Shine along

*insert witty headline*

This week in TV has been pretty neat so far. Even if Castle was a bit weak, both HIMYM and Glee made up for it! (And lightened up my gloomy mood a bit.)

Aside from TV, life is weird and stressful and complicated right now, but don't worry, I won't bother you with that – for now. Let's do a meme instead! :D

Snagged from idioticonion:

Which characters in your fandoms would you ship me with? It doesn't matter if you think the fandom or the character might be obscure. But I'm interested in seeing who you might ship me with.

And to continue the fun, repost this meme in your own journal so you can also find out who your friends might ship you with!
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Carter. Duh. ;)
Tehe! ;) But I hope you don't ship me in that relationship as someone, who goes to dubious beauty pageant and gets weird boob jobs. /mean
Nah, I'd ship you two with a similar storyline to Howie and Leigh's relationship (she was the backstreetboys.com web designer, wasn't she? Something like that?)
I think she was a correspondent (sp?) at the agency, who did the website. But I like your thinking! … I will not quit my job and start selling houses, though, right?