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Glee - Will & Bryan: Hugging it out


Had a woderful birthday, even though I had to work all day. But even my prof got me cake!

Thanks for all your kind messages! :D Will be fully back to LJ in a few weeks. Or days. Depending on how the world cup goes.

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Happy birthday my butter dear!! ♥ ♥
Happy birthday darling! ,3
Happy happy birthday honey! I hope you had a not-too-bad day! *hugz*
Happy birthday!!! =)
ooooh ich bin einen tag zu spät! alles gute nochmal *drück* :3
Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear it was a good one even though you had to work. :P
Happy belated birthday! I'm Mellisa from Indonesia and I'm totally in love with NPH and David! Please add me back :)