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NPH & David - Sincerity


Between Germany winning the Eurovision Song Contest and finding the first picture of Neil & David kissing ever, I find it very hard to find sleep right now.

Spazz. Überspazz.


I still don't understand why people loved the German song so much :p But hey, now you have to pay for the whole ordeal next year :D I was rooting for Belgium, but I guess the German song was far from the worst. Far.

I kinda loved that Norway flopped, because there was definitely some smugness there. And I hadn't even heard the song until tonight, which is saying something, as I was already ridiculously tired of the song that won last year before the international final was even happening. And the only thing I even remember from this year's Norwegian song now is "My haard is yoours!", but I couldn't even hum the melody. Memorable…
It wasn't her song, it was her personality; she's been hyped all over Europe for months, so I guess that's why she won.

And Germany pays for the contest every year, that's why we never have to compete in the semi finals. ;) Belgium was awesome, though! My favourite, actually. The UK was a joke, as were most of the other contestants.

Also, the best song never wins. That's part of the whole contest!

Edited at 2010-05-29 11:38 pm (UTC)
Well, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) has spent over 25 million euros on the production of the whole thing, so the host country definitely has to spend money :p But yeah, I'm aware that Germany, Spain, UK and France pay the most to the EBU. NRK has said that they probably wouldn't have been able to afford it if we won again this year, or at least willing to spend all that money again, and I think there would be a bit of an outcry among people as well, since it's the annual licensing fees regular people pay that are primarily being spent.

The best song never wins, yeah, but people usually like the song that wins :p Those definitely do not mean the same thing. I haven't really seen any hyping of Lena until today, but I guess I might not have paid enough attention.

(Edited because I changed my mind in the middle of a sentence and forgot to edit :p)

Edited at 2010-05-29 11:50 pm (UTC)
All the usage of ":P" in your replies make them seem kind of cocky. … ;P

Oh, of course the hosting country (or rather, the network broadcasting!) has to pay, too. But I don't really know what Germany has been paying for in the past years; most of our entries have been awful and no one bothered about the contest at all. in order to change that, they had set up a castings how on television produced by a famous celebrity (Stefan Raab – he was the one performing a few years ago in that glowing outfit?) and the hype it generated was amazing. I personally don't like the song, either, but I really like that girl.

Edited at 2010-05-29 11:57 pm (UTC)
Hm, that's definitely not the intention, it's just a habit I have. I do it all the time on IRC as well, and I'm probably one of the last cocky people out there :p It's never even crossed my mind that it appears cocky, and I don't really perceive it that way when other people do it either, but I guess YMMV.

ESC has sort of gained a ton of popularity here the last couple of years too, it's weird. There used to be one national final, and some people would watch, but no one really cared (except a small group of really obsessed people), and most of our entries would suck and not be popular at all, with one or two exceptions. But the past few years, there have been multiple semi finals around the country before the national final, tons of attention and while a lot of people still laugh at it and don't really care who wins, the ratings are still really high.

Edited at 2010-05-30 12:08 am (UTC)
Hey, I'm happy for you! :) Maybe someday we will learn again what it's like to win but I seriously doubt it. :P

I feel so bad for the UK entrant Josh though. It was a terrible, terrible song (as always) but he was a sweetheart and tried so hard. :(
We haven't won this contest since '82. Believe me, my girls and I were flabbergasted that we got it this year.

Oh gosh, yeah, he was… trying. The song was aweful, though.
I heard our song on the radio yesterday and was just ... confused. So terrible, but not terrible in the way our entries usually are!

I feel like we should just give up and pull out - I feel really removed from the whole thing! I never hear any of the entries (aside from ours) until the night of the show, but I always hear about how the other songs have been played all over Europe beforehand etc. I think this is the first year ever I didn't even watch any of it - more through just being "meh" about it than actively not wanting to see it.

But that aside - NEIL/DAVID SQUEE! :D Yep, I'm not going to bed any time soon.
The song wasn't very… up-to-date? Nothing compared to that pilot song from a few years back. That was… something.

Could the UK just pull out of it like that? After all they are paying a good amount of the contest.

I usually only watch for the LOLZ, to be honest. Never expected our song to win this year.

And yes, SQUEE. I'd love to stay up squeeing some more, but I have to work tomorrow. T_T At least I will have pleasant dreams. ♥
We probably couldn't, but I like to dream sometimes! Still, we came 5th last year apparently so doing better in the future isn't impossible - somebody on Twitter suggested we get Leona Lewis to do it since apparently everybody loves her. (I don't like her, but I see their point!)

Pleasant dreams indeed!! I spent today catching up on my post-holiday-arrived-home-11pm-Wednesday-then-worked-Thursday-and-Friday lack of sleep so now I'm not remotely tired. Looks like more squeeing for me, then I'll end up sleeping through all of tomorrow! Oh well!
I blame Pete Waterman, he wrote it. >:( We never try and do anything different do we? It's always a cheesy bland pop number.

YAY to Neil and David!
I never hear any of the entries (aside from ours) until the night of the show, but I always hear about how the other songs have been played all over Europe beforehand

Haha, I hear this said as well, but I even heard the Norwegian song for the first time tonight. I haven't been watching much TV lately and I hardly ever listen to the radio on my own, but I mean, the radio's on in the background all the time on the bus and in stores, and we even hosted this year, so you'd think I would have heard some of the songs, if they're "played all over Europe". And last year when I did have a TV, I'd only heard the Norwegian song before the international final. I guess the country as a whole is just not that into it, and I'm kinda glad.

I think maybe part of the UK's problem might be that most good artists don't really view the ESC as something "worthy" of doing? I certainly know that was the case here for a good while, and still is for a lot of artists, although it has changed slightly the past couple of years with an increase in popularity for the whole ordeal. Our entries this year and last year have been from a really prestigious music school, and there has been talk about whether they would still bebe respected after participating, although especially last year's winner didn't really seem to care, he just thought it would be fun. I guess it makes sense that a lot of artists are skeptical, as it's rarely about making good music :p
Ugh I know right? That picture is my computer background now and it's the cutest thing I've probably ever seen. Like. Ever. Even cute animals don't come close to the cute.

True Story.

Hi I'm Gee and I'm a alcoholic relatively harmless 19 year old
Ah, I wished I could add it! But my screen is 1920 x 1400-ish, so it wouldn't look so good. 8D;

And hi, I'm Pikka and I'm a very feisty 24-year-old! :D … for another two weeks!