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Glee - Will & Bryan: Hugging it out

This just in!

"Stop whining, move on.".

Ah, yeah, I get it. But don't pretend that you were capable of proper judgement. Because, News Flash! You are not! :D Isn't that awesome information?!


Anyway! What's everyone been up to? I haven't been keeping track so well of LJ since April. Or of any of my shows.

I'm still three episodes behind on HIMYM, and I've stopped watching Community and 30 Rock at some point for some yet unknown reason. None of my shows have been entertaining lately anyway. Well, except for Castle. And Glee. Because it had NPH.

… that's all I got.


oh don't even ask what I'm up to ... everything a bit screwed up atm.

BUT - NO MORE EXAMS! Had my last one yesterday so I finally have the time of the world for everything again :D

and that "heartfelt" supportive line up there ... *rude hand gesture* there there *nods*
How are you doing with your studies in the UK anyway? Still feel you made the right decision?
I am doing great. I love my course (especially the Arts and Entertainment module because we dicuss a lot of arts history and also a lot of theatre work which I find myself more drawn to every day) and I love the people in my seminar group. I am a typical group person, I need a group of people that works well together and that is friends with oneanther to function properly. Not even for work, work I prefer doing on my own, no idea why, but everything else ... dunno, but a proper, great group is one of the most important things for me. And I do love Sheffield as well and I love living on my own and I love English and ...

Yes, I have thought about how much easier it would be to just transfer back to Germany. I could be with my "real" friends every day and money wouldn't be as tight etc etc. but funnily enough, as lazy as I sometimes can be and as much as I despise those little challenges between people in every day life (I usually just shrug and thing "If it's that important to him/her, I'll just back down") to big things like that ... well, I'd never quit *laughs* same thing with school. The thought to not finish school, to not get my Abitur, never even crossed my mind. And with Uni it is about the same ...

and OMG WHAT A NOVEL! *blinks* No idea where that came from *smacks self*

Darn you and your heavy questions :P
I think we've all had a super busy time! You've just come back to a bit of a livening up of the interwebs. Mainly due to Glee I think! :-)
I didn't get the impression that the interwebs was more active these days… aside from some gleeful events. But but…! … but.