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NPH - Bitch please.

It's just too easy to be annoyed at other people's lives.

Oh, look: It's a public entry! :D

As I don't feel like adding just any random strangers anymore (especially if their LJ activity seems odd to me), I thought that I might as well go back to writing public entries – at least on fandom-related topics. So, helloo~o, strangers! *waves*

Basically, I have been working all weekend, and I am now taking a break to rant about what involves only awesome people and events, and yet made my tummy throw up–– inside my tummy.

Apparently, CBS asked Conan O'Brien to host the Tony Awards in June.

Let's start with a few facts: The Tony Awards air on CBS each year, and are presented inter alia by the American Theatre Wing. Last year, NPH hosted them to rave reviews (and should have received an Emmy for that, but, SNAP! They eliminate that category!), and according to several sources, the people in charge of the American Theatre Wing asked him back to host the Tonys again already last fall.

This morning, I read that CBS had pursued Conan O'Brien to host the show instead.

So, the thing is that I love Conan O'Brien. He's awesome, he's funny, he's loyal to his people. He also has quite a scandal tied to his tail, which made him a pop icon and "hero" to many people. Right now, he is still under contract by NBC, who won't allow him to do any gigs until September – unless he agrees not to talk about the scandal at all. Then he'd be allowed to do any shows on any network by June.

Consequently, getting him to host the Tonys would boost the ratings like nothing else. So I do understand why CBS tried to get him – they did not, eventually, because contracts with NBC aren't as easy as they want to make it appear after all. (I try to believe it's just because Conan is too afraid to step into NPH's shiny shoes.)

I do, however, not understand why someone like Conan should host the Tonys in the first place. It seems to me that CBS was just looking for any show to place him at their network, preferably something, which switches hosts and is an annual event. Oh, look, the Tonys! Does Conan has any musical connections? Well, who cares, it's an annual event on CBS, for which they could cast people from outside their own walls! Yeah, I guess that's pretty much how they decided.

What made my tummy nauseous about this? Now that Conan declined, they will probably go back to asking Neil to host, which I find just insulting, because it marks him clearly as CBS' über-monkey, and not as their host to-go (to-go host…? go-to--whatever!). Of course, there is a tiny chance that they asked him before they went to Conan, and Neil rejected the offer, but I greatly doubt that's how it happened. Neil would probably still want to do it, but aside from the feared overexposure, which he is flirting with, hosting the Tonys just seems to be a very unwise career choice right now. (Though it could be considered a wise one, if it made the badmouthers shut up about the Oscars.)

Argh. This is just not your most perfect year, Neil.

More joyful I find the news, however, that Sofia Vergara has been casted to play NPH's wife in the Smurfs movie. (That leaves Jayma Mays to play…?) And that's just steak saucely awesome. They could probably leave out the Smurfs and it would be the greatest film ever made.



Ugh, Neil just need to slow down and take a break from this crazy-ness. I don't think he wanted to host in the first place ( or did he?). Anyway, I think Conon should Have taken the job so he can recover from the whole Leno thing, and the people organizing the awards shouldn't be second-chossing on NPH, why not someone else?

Anyway, about the movie. I can't wait for the Smurf movie! (even though I never watched the show. :( )
Oh, I am pretty sure he wanted to host the Tonys. While I agree that she should slow down a bit, there is probably nothing he'd love to do more than host the Tonys again, because that's the one award show he's actually really passionate about. (You could tell from his Tony monologue last year.)

The point is, if CBS asks Neil to host the show, he won't say no. He never says no to CBS. And I think he should start to do so.

I really hope the Smurfs movie will have a decent script. The Chipmunks one… didn't.
Oh yeah he is passionate about it ( exceptally since he and David used to perform in broadway)
And yeah, he prabably would agree to it now that I think about it.

Yeah, that chipmunk movie sucked. I hope it's decent too.
I hope he tells CBS where to stick it. Seriously, that is just insulting. :-(

I love the phrase go-to uber monkey!
It damn straight is! I am so tempted to tweet and tell him that he should tell CBS to eff off.

Tehe, go-to uber-monkey!
Over from church_of_nph! *waves*

Yeah, I so want him to host the Tonys, but after the Oscars, it's probably not a good idea. Maybe take a break from it for a year, and then go back. He can present, at least. And CBS...from that one interview, just the fact he mentions overexposure means he probably thinks it's too much, but CBS just keeps pushing him. He should tell them to shove it, especially with how they expect him to be everywhere and he's the one dealing with the criticism like after the Oscars. Of course, the Oscars were the one thing beyond their control, but still. Schnar.

Anyway. From what I'm reading now, Sofia's playing his boss. Which makes more sense. But what with Hank Azaria being animated and then live action and Quentin Tarantino being in and then not in, I'm not believing anything until someone official tells us. XD

Edited b/c nph_fan is the website, not the LJ comm. Shuddup, it's like 2 AM.

Edited at 2010-04-01 05:52 am (UTC)
*waves back*

We will probably have to see what happens, and how he and CBS decides. It's all we can do anyway, buut yeah, SCHNAR.

So? The official release said she was his wife; while a very career-focused one. It would probably make more sense for her to be his boss, as she's supposed to be pregnant, too, but that would mean that Neil's character would work at a cosmetic company…?

I'm bummed that Quentin Tarantino isn't voicing Brainy Smurf, though. In my head, he and Neil would have become best buds and made awsome movies together in the future,
Yeah, never mind- now apparently Jayma's not in the film anymore. Excpet she is. Or something. Anyway, I think Sophia's definately playing his wife.

Okay, the first time I read that last bit, I had an image of Neil and Brainy Smurf hanging out. And I didn't know what to think.
Ha! You were right – she plays his boss and Jayma Mays his wife. (Makes much more sense. Though I don't like the idea that Neil's character works at a cosmetics company for some reason.)